The Point:  This is too serious not to smile about.

At Clark University, a study focused on the physiological impact of smiling. The finding?  You can reverse-engineer smiling thoughts.  Working your facial muscles into a smile triggers a smile attitude in the brain.

Mirror neurons extend this effect to those around us.  When we smile at others, they tend to return
the favor without even thinking about it.  Then, reverse engineering happens for them, too!

Imagine the value of smile-inducing service. Where needs are met, the customer is able to walk away with a smile—because she was in the presence of your people.

If you are the boss, this starts with you.  Give your employees a smile, and they will be more likely to pass one along to the customers.

The dark flip-side of this reality is that a scowl can be just as contagious.  So, watch yourself!  Be strategically determined to create a smile-inducing environment.

This is too serious not to smile about.