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Lead With Rapport

The best way to lead is with a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well.

Improve Work Culture

Having a positive work environment is key to having productive stable employees. Improving the work culture will shift productivity into high gear.

Deliver Better Service

Customers will remember and be drawn back to businesses that provide good service. They may not remember how the food tasted in a restaurant they visited, but they will remember the warmth and efficiency of their waitstaff.

What Makes MRG Presentations Different?

At MRG Presentations, interactive training is more than a tag line.  It defines our approach to learning.  Within each group of students, there is a wealth of experience and knowledge.  We work hard to pull that information to the surface so that all can benefit.  There is defined content, but that content does not have to be spoken by the instructor.  Sometimes it is better if it is not!  We encourage thoughtful and engaging discussions as a way of learning from each other.  If you walk by a class, it might seem more like a party than a class!  It is serious fun that results in positive change.

Customer Reviews

I heard the training went great! We have been getting rave reviews!
Asst. Director of H. R. from Richardson, TX
Thank you! You classes are always engaging, and I learn things that I can use!
Supervisor from University Park, TX
We all enjoyed your classes and I know I learned a lot from them.
H. R./Admin. Secretary from Lancaster, TX

Live Training

What's my investment?

How much are workplace problems costing you?  How many customers are you losing?  How much support are you receiving in online reviews?  The pain you experience in the workplace is costing you a great deal.

Live Training

Groups of 25 or Less


(2-hour time block)


Big Presentations in Small Rooms helps ordinary people communicate with extraordinary effectiveness.