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We have facilitated over 800 sessions for municipalities across Texas and Oklahoma.

Due to the success with municipalities, we are occasionally referred to other organizations. These include Fortune 500 companies, Small Businesses, and NGOs.

If your organization values employee development, we are a valuable resource.

Discover How Our Interactive Trainings Can Improve Your Outcomes


Content is carefully crafted to reside in long-term memory through purposeful repetition and spaced learning.


For over a decade, we have been listening to participants and customizing content to be immediately useful to participants.


Settings are designed so participants will learn from diverse perspectives while building organizational community.

What Makes MRG Presentations Different?

Forget passive lectures and droning voices. MRG Presentations brings training to life with interactive experiences that make learning interesting, engaging, and effective. Imagine a training session where participants actively discuss real-world scenarios, propose solutions, and receive insightful feedback from other participants. That’s the MRG difference!

Woman writing on a whiteboard during an MRG Presentation class
Group of class participants taking notes

Customer Reviews

I left with actual tools that I could use and implement in the workplace.
Supervisor, N. Texas
Your class was a breath of fresh air… Thank you for bringing positive energy!
Manager, N. Texas
Every class has been so good. I’m going to be sad when the series is over.
Supervisor, N. Texas

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Groups of 25 or Less


(2-hour time block)