Expressing Love is the second installment in a series about Positive Habits.  The first blog explained the concept of habits.  Now we will address a series of positive habits.  Positive Habit #1 applies to your family and closest relationships.  It is the habit of expressing love.  This is a powerful practice.

Remember: a habit is an automatic implementation of a behavior (or set of behaviors) in response to a stimulus.  It is what you do when given a cue.  You don’t have to think about it; it just happens.

I am forever grateful for my oldest daughter, Larisa.  In our family, she established the habit of expressing love among the siblings—all four of them.  As parents, it is difficult to express how much this means.  It makes our hearts happy to hear them sign off each conversation with the words “I love you.”

The habit quickly expanded to include their conversations with us.  Then, it became easier for us to pass it along to others, and to be more consistent in expressing love to each other.

“I love you.”  The words must be authentic.  A hollow expression of love is a red flag.  But when the words are heartfelt, few things bring as much peace and hope.  There are few actions that have as much impact.

It takes approximately one and a half seconds to provide this gift.  Try it!  Express love to those you do love.  It may feel awkward.  Do it anyway.  It is only weird till it becomes normal.  And that new normal will be a better reality.

Here is an important truth.  Each expression of love is like a pebble dropped into a still pond; its ripples radiate to touch various areas of life.  The ripple effects extend to the workplace, the neighborhood and the other places where you live.  This is true for you—and for each person in your family.

The love shared at home makes life better—not just for your kids and your spouse, but also for all those who interact with them.

So, take a second and work on establishing Positive Habit #1: expressing love.