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A 2-hour training that covers the vital elements of creation, preparation and delivery of big presentations in small rooms. Whether you are presenting a simple update, introducing a new idea, selling a product, requesting additional resources, or lobbying for a top position, Big Presentations in Small Rooms will equip you to stand and speak with well-prepared, well-practiced confidence.

  • What are we doing here? The Customer Service Bottom Line
  • What did they say? Service-Focused Communications
  • How do we get through this? Serving Through Conflict
  • Who are these people? Serving the Personality Mix
  • Where did they come from? Serving Various Generations
  • I’m looking for something different…
  • How do I get started? Challenges And Principles
  • What do I need to be? Ethics
  • What do I say? Communications
  • How do I stay organized? Organizational Skills
  • How do I build a healthy culture? Culture Building
  • How do I achieve long-term success? Upholding Organizational Standards
  • I’m looking for something different…

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